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Dog Grooming service

Dog Grooming

At Pride & Groom in Midsomer Norton and Trowbridge, all breeds and cross-breeds of dog are cared and catered for. Our expert team will advise you on which style will suit your dog best. For a free consultation, please visit our grooming parlours in Midsomer Norton and Trowbridge - no appointment is necessary.

Dog Grooming Services Include:

Untangling – Suitable for animals of all ages, conditions and character, untangling is our service to remove knots, tangles and resistant matting that make your animal look unkempt. Mindful of the breed’s intrinsic appearance, untangling does not require total coat removal and adheres to the strictures in the new Animal Welfare Act that prohibits any pain or suffering for your pet. Due to the lengthy attention needed, a premium rate may be levied for this service.


Hand Texturing – Especially for wire-haired dogs or silky-haired gundogs, this technique allows the animal to display its best possible coat. Dogs destined for competitive shows require this service, but domestic pets do too, since hand-textured dogs clearly show their correct coat texture which makes for effortless coat maintenance, producing a vibrant, brighter coat. indeed many animals are so relaxed during hand texturing they nod off! Unfortunately, neutered animals are often impossible to hand texture due to changes in coat structure and pliability.

Tails Are Wagging & Pets Are Bragging!

Trimming – To revive a breed’s sharp appearance, unwanted, surplus hair is masterfully trimmed from the coat, boosting your animal’s most attractive features. Because this service also eliminates matted hair, trimming is a pain-free alternative to laboriously combining out matted hair. The beauty of this method is that, depending on the breed, a variety of trim types can be performed, permitting individual styles and shapes.


Professional Styling – We pride ourselves on the stylistic panache of our ‘breed beauticians’. As such, we treat each animal as a ‘client’ in its own right. Through careful consultation with you, and taking into account your pet’s breed, coat and characteristics, we offer a tantalising variety of style options to present your animal in the best possible light.  


Pet-i-Cure – Having your animal’s nails at the optimum length, shape and style is essential not just to its appearance, but also to posture, walking and running abilities. Pet-i-Cure is all part of the Pride & Groom Total Groom experience and encompasses everything from clipping to filing and buffing to fashionable polishing.


Pride & Groom ‘CSI’ - Our ‘Coat & Skin Investigation’ team is adept at hunting down pesky parasites and irritating skin conditions in pets. A disease and infection-free skin and coat is critical not just to your animal but to you too, since a growing number of ailments and infections can pass from pet to person. Our CSI experts swiftly identify warning signs and the tell-tale symptoms of infection and disease. They then advise you to consult your own vet for the best treatment.


Flea-Free Zone – If fleas are detected at any stage of the grooming process, your animal will be given an insecticidal bath, as will all other animals at Pride & Groom that day. We also place a strict protocol on sanitising out entire salon in the event that fleas are detected. For your peace of mind, we regularly disinfect and sterilise all our equipment and surfaces with a state-of-the-art tool sanitiser and highly-effective ultra-violet light. We also offer free advice on flea control and elimination.


Perfect Pups – Our philosophy at Pride & Groom is ‘start as you mean to go on’. That’s why we place great emphasis on exposing your pup to regular grooming and pet hygiene from an early age. Learning from experience, we find that simply watching other pets being groomed is a great way of introducing your puppy to our caring environment. Once your puppy has been acclimatised to the salon, we gently groom them. They learn to raise their paws, lift their head and to feel totally at ease during teeth examinations.  


Health & Safety – Our priority is your pet’s welfare. That’s why we work at Pride & Groom. All our experts are well-versed in animal welfare and safety procedures. In order to prevent contamination from infectious animals or the possibility of fights, we prohibit animals from running in the salon or from being in physical contact with other pets, unless they are from the same home. Our top-of-the-range grooming tables also incorporate the very latest protection designs that prevent slips, trips and falls.


DIY Wash 'N' Go (only in Midsomer Norton Branch) We also have a dedicated area for owners who want a truly ‘hands on’ experience to shampoo, rinse and comb their pets. Soap, water, disposable brushes and paper towels provided.

Place for grooming dogs

Very happy and pleased with our first groom. Would highly recommend!


- Alice Sobek

Very professional, enthusiastic and lovely atmosphere!


- Alice Herbert

Thank you so much for being so patient with Teddy, he looks great!


- Emma Moxham-Thomas

I have worked with Pride & Groom and can say that they are very passionate about dogs and their business. Would highly recommend to anyone.


- Mel Downing